Educational Consulting: Support for curriculum design and program/materials selection

Distribution: Importation, Shipping, School Sales

Personalized Library Collections

Book Fairs

Coaching / Supervision System

  • Denition of desired teacher/supervisor profiles and hiring system.
  • Teacher assessment and training program based on the needs identied.
  • Creation of a supervision system that includes: formats for yearly pacing plans, weekly lesson plans, teacher observation and feedback protocol.
  • Creation of assessment/grading/report card system aligned with the instructional programs and school culture.
  • Coordinator/Supervisor training including definition of responsibilities and training to fulfill those responsibilities.
  • Reports and feedback to head of school on advances and challenges of the above.
  • Consulting on matters referring to the goals of the school regarding English Language Development including curriculum design, materials selections, standardized tests, IB supportive materials, etc.


One monthly visit 6,000 MXP + IVA per month.
One weekly visit 17,000 MXP + IVA per month.

Travel expenses not included.

Individual Professional Development Sessions

Sample Topics:

  • Second Language Acquisition and Production Levels
  • Writing to Communicate: Writing Process and Six Traits + One
  • Effective Reading Comprehension Instruction
  • The Place of Grammar in a Writing Program
  • Foundational Skills for Reading and Writing
  • Assessment
  • Conferring as Part of the Reading and Writing Instruction
  • Lesson Planning
  • Social - Emotional Learning for the ELA Classroom
  • Teacher Facilitation Techniques
  • Custom-designed PD Sessions


6,000 MXP + IVA per session

Travel expenses not included.